The Best Indicator is Having Satisfied Members

Mal Bass

Peer Advisory Group

Useful Solutions to the Challenges You Face.


Client Testimonials
Wayne Jones, President of Astro Machine Works:
“It is reassuring to learn how other business leaders are coping with my same issues of time management and the need to do more strategic planning. Also I always leave each meeting energized with new ideas from the lunch speakers.”

Michael Boyer, President of New-Tronics Antenna Corp.:
‘The one meeting focused on manufacturers representatives was worth the whole year’s membership for me. As a result we have developed a fair rep agreement and a sound rep strategy.”

Dana Mueller, President of Designer Graphics:
“I get the chance to compare my issues with those of other company leaders and get peace of mind knowing others are wrestling with similar problems. I also feel somewhat guilty because I feel I have learned more helpful techniques than I have contributed.”

Jim Harrison, General Manager of Web Converting:
“This 1 on 1 coaching is precisely what I was looking for when I joined.”

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