Your membership in the Global Executive Forum Advisory Council provides you with access to an advisory board of peers - Executives like you who face the same challenges you face.
Share thoughts on critical issues among a small group of non-competing executives of industrial firms under the guidance of a senior facilitator.
Discussions cover topics that you want to know about: Growth, People Issues, Profit Improvement, Strategic Planning, etc.

Mal Bass

Peer Advisory Group

Useful Solutions to the Challenges You Face.


 Purpose  Critical Issues  Key Points
  • Resolve Issues
  • Improve Performance
  • Develop Relationships
  • Improve Leadership Skills
  • Have a stronger team
  • Deal with current Issues
  • Handle the changing economy
  • Work effectively with commercial bankers

"The one meeting focused on manufacturers representatives was worth the whole year’s membership for me."

- Michael Boyer, President of New-Tronics Antenna Corp.

  • Attract and retain good people
  • Reduce your material costs
  • Adopt “Lean Manufacturing” concepts
  • How to diversify successfully
  • How to pick good managers

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